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When your bass doesn´t sound 'right' - I'm your guy!

This week I did an interesting calibration at Christian's home – in his super cozy home theater with associated bar and TV room.

Christian had certainly done his homework and acoustically treated his home theater to the best of his ability, but despite four 15-inch subwoofers, he lacked the depth and weight that they should be able to produce together.

He lacked that physical deep bass that should be felt in the body, and the DIRAC calibration did not make things better.

So, I started by spending three and a half hours forging the subwoofers into a homogeneous bass generator – in both frequency and phase.

It’s not possible to know in advance how good the result will be, but it’s important to be methodical and check the bass response during the calibration.

Because, as much as the four subwoofers help each other generate bass energy, they can counteract each other just as much, and that was what had happened in Christian's home theater.

Since I have calibrated more than a thousand different sound systems – from simple stereo systems to large line arrays with associated bass arrays in arenas and concert halls – I have the experience and the ear to do a great-sounding bass calibration.

In Christian's home theater, the end result was great, and we could finally feel the deep bass frequencies shake our bodies in the racing scene in "Ready Player One".

It was tremendously fun that the bass calibration turned out so well.

Besides creating a humongous bass, I calibrated Christian’s home theater with DIRAC using my fine Brüel & Kjaer measurement microphone, which must be the finest measurement microphone ever made. The result was a cinema sound that embraced us in a very believable way.

Christian was very happy with the end-result – a sound that he’d been chasing for years.

Do you also feel that the bass should be "better" in your home theater?

Contact me and I'll help you with the bass - you get the rest of the cinema sound for free! 😊

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