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Trinnov calibration of Genelec speakers

I found two nice pictures from last year’s Trinnov installation at Johan´s music studio located in Lomma in the south of Sweden.

Johan is a long-time friend of mine and a very talented songwriter and music producer with more than thirty years of experience.

He has a very nice control room with lots of natural light and fairly controlled room acoustics.

The main challenge was fact that the speakers were asymmetrically positioned – due to the layout of the room. Another challenge was to properly integrate the large subwoofer.

Johan had managed to do a good job with the Genelec SAM calibration, but we were aiming for the best possible sound stage.

So, I disabled both the SAM calibration and the phase correction because I knew that the Trinnov calibration would take it to the next level.

The Genelec speakers and the large Genelec sub were given new life thanks to the Trinnov calibration.

Trinnov's unique measurement microphone helped analyze both the speakers' direct sound and energy response.

Phase response and frequency response were then calibrated, which created a tight and engaging sound image that was finally adapted to Johan's taste and sound ideal.

Never before has a pair of Genelec speakers sounded this good to me.

I humbly made this conclusion after having worked with many different Genelec studio monitors – in different studio environments – for the last twenty-five years. 🎶😀

I emailed Johan two weeks after the installation and asked him how he felt about the Trinnov calibration, and his short reply was:

“It feels great. I haven’t had the time to worry about the details…”

Sweet music in my ears. 🥰

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