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I have a new passion in life...

I've been interested in sound and music for as long as I can remember. It started at a very young age with a jacaranda-colored portable cassette player that put me to sleep every night - playing Elvis cassettes.

Mum didn't know how to break the news to me when Elvis Presley passed away and when I found out I was devastated - even more reasons to play his music every night.

I've always been fascinated by tape recorders and eventually figured out different ways to copy music from one cassette to another; first by using a speaker and a microphone, physically recording the sound coming from the speaker. Later, I refined my copying services by using a dual deck Pioneer cassette recorder - at double-speed. It always sounded great by engaging Dolby A at the recording process, but then have it disengaged at playback.

Apart from fighting teeth and nail with obnoxious noise floors, one of my first sound engineering aha moments was when I was commissioned by my mum to record Ravel's Bolero from vinyl to cassette. I put the record on, checked the recording levels and pressed [REC] + [PLAY].

When I came back fifteen minutes, the recording meters were constantly hitting the red zone, barely moving, and the recording came out very distorted indeed.

That day I learnt the concept of dynamics...

Fast-forward through years of playing with analogue synthesisers and ghost-playing MIDI chains of synthesisers, working as a DJ at school discos and later pretty cool clubs and discos, I ended up studying sound engineering at university level. It was the best time of my life - recording and mixing all sorts of artists and their music. The university had a full-blown analogue control room and a large recording room, and several smaller studios and control rooms, and as students we had 24h access to the facility. Magnificent to say the least.

Working more than twenty-five years as a sound engineer, I still find myself learning new stuff - which feels great!

I eat, sleep and dream of sound, and have been doing so for most of my life.

However, I have a new passion in life.


I know, it's the dark side (and it certainly digging a large black hole in my wallet).

But film and photography are just so much fun!

The auto functionality packed inside modern DSLR cameras is just mind-bogging. My Sony camera even has face recognition and can single out a stored face in a crowd of people, and pull focus on it. How cool is that?

The color tones and auto white balance, along with massive dynamics, makes even the most basic filming look great.

So, my curiosity and almost childish enthusiasm for new creative ideas, has led me to create this webspace - Immersive Sound Tech.

My goal is to create online courses in sound, for those how already have comb out Internet and still haven't found the answers to their questions.

I plan to film and make portrays of interesting people, like hardware designers, speaker designer and such innovators, but also visit regular HiFi and home cinema enthusiasts and tell their story.

Back in the days, I used to work as a broadcast engineer for the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation, and I really miss working with radio. So, I might consider starting a podcast as well.

However, first it's baby steps filming and taking photos.

Fingers crossed; I really hope my viewers find it as interesting as I do.

These are exciting times...

"Buy expensive, cry once..." - Frederick Norén

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Hi Fredrik, it would be nice if you do some in-depth stories/videos about Auro-3D immersive sound for home-theater. As the majority of information on, e.,g. YouTube, is focused on Dolby Atmos.


Frederick Norén
Frederick Norén
Jan 07, 2023
Replying to

Thanks for the suggestion! I will consider highlighting the Auro-3D format in a future video, when I deep-dive into AV-processors and speaker calibration. Personally, I really like the Auro-3D upmix functions in my Trinnov Altitude 32 AV-processor. It really shouldn't sound that good spreading out stereo music on a 7.3.4 Atmos-system...but it does! 🎵😃 Again, thanks for the suggestion! 🙏 Stay tuned to my YouTube channel for future videos about Auro-3D and more... 🎬

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