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"Can you fix bad-sounding audio? We're kind of desperate..."

"Fred, I might have a job for you. Can you fix bad-sounding audio? We're kind of desperate..."

Sure, let me have a listen to it and I'll send you a sound bite showing what can be rescued.

It always start the same, a client giving me a call, starting with an excuse why they ended up recording bad sound.

No matter the reason, like not hiring a sound engineer to begin with or experiencing difficulties during the recording, the fact remains - something has to be done to fix the audio.

With twenty years experience doing audio restoration / sound restoration, I have encountered one recording that was beyond repair - all the rest of the sound restoration projects I've done, I've been able to improve the sound quality to such level that the client was grateful.

Yes, grateful not having to rerecord a webcast or conference or CEO monthly address to the employees.

If you've found this post after nervously searching the Internet for answers, then take a deep breath and let me help you out.

Here's what you're going to do:

✅ Create a minute of the wrecked audio recording, preferably as a WAV- or AIF-file, but any format will do.

✅ Email the sound clip to me at: freddan [at]

✅ Include a description of what went wrong and how fast you need the job done.

I will take a listen to it and do a thirty second sound repair - free of charge - showing what can be salvaged from the original recording.

You have nothing to lose by contacting me, on the contrary, you have everything to gain, not having to scrap a project.

You might think that the sound is beyond repair, but let me as a professional evaluate what can be done.

I've salvaged web casts with CEOs when no sound engineer what present during recording, I've salvaged hybrid meetings / webcasts when no attention was given to the recorded sound and I've even done forensic sound analysis and noise reduction of recordings with delicate material. 100% listener's discretion guaranteed.

So, how can I help you?

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