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Lights, camera, action! 🎬

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

My filming endeavours continue and I'm setting up the camera for recording my next YouTube video.

In between my bread and butter jobs, I've been learning videography for close to a year now and it has been tremendously rewarding. It sure helps having worked with documentaries and reality shows for twenty years as a sound engineer, working side-to-side with experienced camera operators. I find myself quickly in different situations and the fact that I love meeting new people sure helps out. I've been writing technical articles and reviews in trade magazines for more than twenty years and it's so rewarding moving over from written articles, to video reviews - a lot of extra work, for sure, but also much more fun to publish. 😃

On the technical side, I've learnt how to use my Sony camera and how to set up simple location lights. I've even learnt how to film and cater for the sound at the same time. 😃 Editing my own recordings in DaVinci Resolve help me develop my storytelling skills, and whilst I have no film making aspirations, I can't but feel like a kid playing with a new toy, using my camera. ❤

I never thought learning a new profession would be so fun and rewarding.

Like so many things in life, creative work is a constant compromise where time, effort and money always have to be considered.

When it comes to creativity, my favorite quote is:

"Done is better than perfect." - Sheryl Sandberg

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