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15000 views!!! Thank you!!! 🙏

It feels incredible that my first product review on YouTube has reached 15,000 views.

I had a whim and wanted to try out my newly purchased studio lights and then I needed something to film.

So I put together a review of a pair of new headphones I've been trying for a while, set up studio lighting, camera, microphone and recorded myself.

Then I posted the video on my newly started YouTube channel and the feedback from my viewers has been amazing. ❤️

You have challenged me by asking clever questions and offering your own experiences with the headphones - which have been both rewarding and educational. Thanks to everyone who watched the video and for supporting my YouTube-channel. 🙏❤️

After the summer I will post more product reviews on YouTube. 👍

I wish you all a great and relaxing summer! 🌞

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